How Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life ® came to life.

Home brewing in college back in the early 90's is what introduced me to great beer and great beer is what inspired me to start Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life. HBHL went live in 2012 after coming up with a design, which became the original shirt and logo. Being the first San Diego beer gear company has been a great honor and I am super proud to be part of such a great brewing community. Most of my work is hand drawn, designed and printed in San Diego (the Hoppiest place on earth).

Cheers to Good Beers™!

Stay in touch, send us an email with any questions or just to say cheers at info@hoppybeerhoppylife.com

We are currently taking on a select amount of wholesale accounts. If you would like to be considered please send us an email at sales@hoppybeerhoppylife.com and we will be in touch!

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